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Why #horsesforhappiness?

Horses for Happiness is a non-profit association working for inclusion within the horse racing area, as well as within other equestrian sports. We do that by addressing questions about inclusion, openness and attitudes in different ways. Our thought is to do something important and constructive for the equestrian sports. In our projects we want to focus on the joy, the solidarity and the sportsmanship of the equestrian sports, where everything stems from the care and love for the horse. 

Our goal is for EVERYONE to feel welcome within the equestrian sports! 

The first project for our association is PRIDE RACING on September 4 at Gothenburg Gallop, September 29 at Jägersro and September 30 at Åby. Read more! 


Everyone is welcome as a member! Membership is free of charge, please email us at

PS. Obviously you are expected to share the   association's objectives and follow the statutes. DS.

To avoid unnessecary intermediates we encourage donations directly to our selected recipients!

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